Big Brother 2013: Selly Warms Nando’s Bed

June 24th, 2013
Selly Nando

Selly Nando

Ghana’s representative at the Big Brother House, Selly, on Saturday spent the entire night with Tanzanian housemate Nando, stealing little baby kisses, as the couple played with each other under the blanket.

The Ghanaian beauty, who moved to the Diamond house over the weekend, was caught on camera giggling like a little school girl as Nando tried his best to get his hands all over her.

The two Diamond Housemates used their quality time to share more than just a physical connection. They also bonded and shared their life stories with each other.

Even though nothing intimate really happened between the two on their first night together, it appears Selly is leading Nando on as she keeps giving him more room to get closer or perhaps it is part of her game plan.

Now it is becoming clear that Selly is attracted to funny guys. She had shared quite a special bond with the perennial jokester Sulu when she was in the Ruby House. But since she moved into the Diamond House, the young lady has been attached to the Tanzanian student.

The two clearly don’t like to waste any time as they spent the first evening getting cosy in bed together.

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