I Don’t Chase Girls –Fredrick Leonard

January 25th, 2013

Fredrick Leonard

It is generally believed that most male celebrities, especially those with handsome physiques that make them look like ‘sex icons’, are promiscuous.

In most cases, this turns out to be a true observation and an award winning Nigerian actor, Fredrick Leonard, has spoken to NEWS-ONE about this.

Fredrick denied being involved in such tendencies and made more interesting revelations about his personality that not many of his fans are aware of.

“I enjoy what I do. I am an extrovert but I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t womanize either. I am a strong Christian and a God-fearing person.

I love good people and I love honest people,” Fredrick said in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE in Ghana.

“I don’t even see myself as a celebrity, I’m sorry. I see myself as a working man who does some kind of work, except that my work puts me in front of the camera. It does not make me any special than anyone,” he said.

The handsome actor has been in the Nollywood film industry for over a decade and has featured in a lot of movies including Ghanaian movies.

He started acting since 2001 but left to finish school and returned in 2006. Again, he went off the scene for a while and finally returned in 2008.

Among his tall list of movies are ‘Indian Doctor’, ‘Disclosure’, ‘Marriage War’, ‘Wanted Love’, ‘100% Secret’, ‘Deadly Plot’, ‘Ladies Man’, ‘Cobra’, and ‘Spirit of Assassin’.

“My first lead role was in ‘Indian Doctor’. It made an introduction while the movie, ‘Disclosure’ made an impression.

I can’t really point out which one of the movies gave me my break but I know that I have done a couple of movies,” he added.

He believes African movies are doing well but there is a need to work on improving quality. That way, the continent’s industry can boldly compete with Hollywood.

Currently, African movie industry players should not even think about comparing Nollywood or other industries to Hollywood.

This is because he thinks Hollywood is even older than some African countries and there is no way such a thing will happen anytime soon.

He said it would take an industry like Nollywood 20 years to get to the level of Hollywood, in terms of producing quality movies, if it has good structures.

“I believe that Africa can get better so that the present-day youth will correct the impression the outside world has about our continent and paint a better image of who we are,” he added.

Fredrick is the first of two children in his family. His father is dead but his mother is alive. Though a graduate of Biochemistry, he ends up in the creative arts industry.

He explained why he abandoned his field of study saying, “I’m sure you are wondering, why acting? Passion comes before money and I enjoy acting.”

By Francis Addo

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21 Responses

  1. Karyn Fraser says:

    Just finished watching my unborn son series and I must say you are a natural . I wish you success in all that you do and may The Lord continue tu bless you. We would love to have a continuation of my son David.

  2. mary says:

    Am a fan of him not because of fame but because of his personality, money and fame is necessity but the love and fear of God is the pillar of a man soul….womanising is the weapon of man destruction so open your eye Fred….you are working in the right part stay in with your belief than the lord will guide you.

  3. beltine says:

    İf what you say about yourself is true then really respect you for that cuz its hard to find a man of your caliba with such attractive features being a christian
    however i must confess that i really enjoyed your role in ındian doctor although that was my first time spotting you on screen.so keep up because the bible ask what it causes a man to gain the whole world and lost his soul. İ for one is not ready to gain the things of the world and lost my soul

  4. Akintulubo Helen Omokorede says:

    Helo Fred, the best u can be is to be urself. Life is always good for those dat has the fear of God in them and conscious of who they keep as frnd and move with. I thank God for u dat u re not one of those dat says God is not in existent. You one in a million dear, and i pray dat God continue to prosper you in all ur endeavoured in Jesus name. Amen.Hope u don’t mind if i ask u to be my friend?I just like you.

  5. Akintulubo Helen Omokorede says:

    You are the best among ur equal. You are one in a million. And i pray dat God will continue to prosper you in all ur endeavours in life in Jesus name. Hope u dnt mind if i ask to be ur friend? You can add me on fb.

  6. Lily Agatha says:

    What happened to the mohawk you had in Deadly Plot? I liked the mohawk. You have grace in your acts. Its suprising. Keep it strato.

  7. Your profile is a nice one.love your eyes very seductive and jus want to knw who is the lucky woman in ur life.be blessed.lovinnah from Mombasa, Kenya.

  8. Gina says:

    this God fearing man is exclusive among others,i am a fan of him,his carriage and awesome personality is quite great to emulate,hold onto your strong willed character.I love you.

  9. elsie says:

    What a humble God-fearing man. Well brought up. Stay blessed. You are
    Indeed a role model. Good acting skills. I’m a fan
    Elsie SA

  10. Yvonne says:

    Goodness gracious, you are one hot nollywood actor. Your acting is so natural and you bring out the roles so well. God bless you fred hope to act with you one day ,and that day will come.yvonne fron nairobi ,kenya.

  11. Yvonne says:

    Goodness gracious you are one hot actor. Nollywood is lucky to have you…you are such a natural. I will be acting with you and MJ one day…God bless your work . Yvonne from Nairobi, Kenya.

  12. l like him nt bcos of his personality bt hw God fearing he is,n prayerful,wishing him all d vry best of life.gudluck

  13. Lindiwe says:

    I just finished watching ‘my unborn son’ – must say I realy enjoyed watching you act. You look very humble and down to earth. Keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you in your life and career. Looking forward to watching more of your movies.

  14. Amarachi says:

    I think Fred is a great actor, aside 4rm his handsome, charming looks nd also his eye catching height…. I rilly think Fred is a great actor nd he’s got alot of self confidence nd composure on d screen….. 4rm me, it’s thumbs up 4 Fred:)

  15. Ms Swagger says:

    Wow wow wow!juss saw yo face in the ‘my unborn child’ movie yesterday,ddnt know yu buh heyii i juss cnt state!yu a star,+ 1 fan added,U blessed,lucky is yo woman..Banelle frm Zimbabwe

  16. Pat Ojutalayo says:

    I am a fan of yours.
    You are a natural in the acting field.
    I want you to know that the screen comes alive when the camera falls on you!!
    Kip up the good work n kip the flag flying.
    God bless and keep you always…..


  17. darling mezu says:

    Honestly u r just the best 4 Me!!

  18. Dumi S.A says:

    You are an exceptional actor and a true master of your craft,we all love you here in South Africa.God bless you!

  19. blesins says:

    tank God u claim to b a born again.pls, keep holdin to God unfailin hands

  20. Nana says:

    Hi Fred,
    My first time of watching you was the film you acted with Cheoma. In the film, you were prosecuted for having murdered your wife which you denied knowlegde of.

    I was touched by the film and I really commended your style and acting.The film was an excellent reflection of contemporal life. Keep it up, boy.

    But one question. Are you related to Pete Odoche? You have his facial and structure resemblance. Are you his son?

    NANA, Ghana

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