Patience Ozokwor’s Son Weds In Style

June 1st, 2012

Patience Ozokwor

Patience Ozokwor’s son, Nduka, got married to his sweetheart Mary Ozoanni after the blessing of the veteran actress.

The wedding ceremony was held on Saturday May 26, 2012 in Enugu, with some of their family members and friends in attendance.

The Saturday church wedding was preceded by a traditional wedding on May 25 in Enugu. reported that Mama G, as Patience Ozokwor is fondly called by fans and friends, was there in style.

Barely a month to the wedding, Nollywood media reports claimed Patience Ozokwor threatened to drag one of her son named Chuka to court, over marriage brouhaha in the family.

Patience Ozokwor, who lost her husband years ago, is the mother of two daughters and two sons, namely Chuka and Nduka.

Chuka, according to sources, dated a woman called Joy, who the thespian disapproved of.

She therefore went out of her way to pick a woman called Ada for her son, who according to her was better suited.

Chuka disapproved of the move, but to keep the peace with his mother, he dumped Joy and hooked up with Ada.

As would be expected, the relationship between Mama G and Ada soon deteriorated as Ada developed a mind of her own.

A split between mother and son ensued as Chuka vowed to keep his lady and to further complicate matters, Ada got pregnant.

As a last resort, Mama G sought a court injunction to stop Chuka from claiming his father’s inheritance as is customary for the first son in Igbo tradition.

Chuka wedded Ada in court and has appealed to his kinsmen, hoping to solve the tricky situation.

After that incident, the actress promised to make Nduka’s wedding the talk-of-the-town in an effort to spite Chuka even further.

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