Most Beautiful Goes Green

April 13th, 2012

Akweley and some children

The Indomie Go Green Easter Festival took place in Tema at Our Lady of Mercy Senior High School during the Easter Celebrations.

The festival was a unique celebration to assess the impact of the Go Green Educational Campaign that was organized by the Environmental Health Club.

Akweley, the Sanitation Ambassador for AMA /Zoomlion (2nd runner-up, Ghana’s Most Beautiful fame) and also known in private life as Jacqueline Mantey-Amoo was the special guest.

The theme for the festival was ‘Your Environment Is Your Health- Respect The Environment’.

Timothy Sowah, the immediate past administrator of the Desk Educational Institute, recounted the lessons shared during the Go Green Education Campaign with the participating schools.

He indicated that the festival was a creative way to impart knowledge through entertainment.

The activities included environmental sanitation quiz, countdown spelling, singing and dancing competitions.

Rachael Haizel, an ambassador of the organization who took over from Mr. Sowah, ran the show successfully to the admiration of the teachers, parents and the pupils/students present. Ms Haizel was assisted by Janina offei-Amponsah to conduct spelling and dancing competitions.

Gloria Kafui Amegah also entertained the participants in a participatory sing along of a rendition of an environmental song to be launched later.

Akweley presented prizes to the winners of the various competitions.

The prizes included Carex hand sanitizers, branded books from Indomie and other educational materials from the United Kingdom.

The Go Green Educational Campaign for schools took off last December with the Bexhill International School in Tema Community 11.

The purpose of the campaign is to provide a facility to promote separation of waste in schools, to know the volume of plastic water sachet waste generated in each school and to facilitate recycling.

This will help control the increasing plastic litter menace and to reduce the pressure on our damping sites among other things.

The Project Coordinator of the Organization, Robert Amiteye, said so far, 20 schools had benefited from the education.

He said Deks Educational Institute had acquired ten of the Innovative Plastic Recycle Bins followed by Queen Esther School (three), Creator schools (five) and Bexhill International School (two).

Mr Amiteye expressed satisfaction with the campaign and added that Christian Vertical Centre was the only school that had initiated a move to go green with the water sachets.

The Innovative Bin was designed by Robert Amiteye and the fabrication was done by a Tema based welder.

The bin, described as simple and needing little or no maintenance, also serves as a means of generating money for the schools through the sales of the separated and collected bags of water sachets to the recycling plastic dealers or the sachet plastic recycling companies.

Mr Amiteye hoped that government, through the Metropolitan /District Assemblies, would appreciate the importance of the idea and help to sustain it.

He said throughout the campaign, they had engaged thousands of pupils/students, teachers and administrators.

He thanked Ghana Television (GTV) and Rashida, the host of Awake morning show on E-TV for the television time to advance the educational campaign.

Everpure Ghana and Chakula Restaurant and Bar in Tema supported the programme.

Nii Tema, the President of the Tema Traditional council, also supported the programme. Pastor Michael Asiamah-Appah donated books for the campaign.

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