Martha Ankomah vs Yvonne Okoro: The Battle Of The Sexy Actresses

September 30th, 2011

Martha Ankomah

Martha Ankomah and Yvonne Okoro stand tall when it comes to the display of sexiness and curvy bodies in African Movies.

These two young actresses have over the years warmed themselves into the hearts of African movie lovers, especially Ghanaians.

With her mixed parentage (Nigeria and Ghana) being capitalized on, Yvonne Okoro has also stretched her fame to Nigeria.

Despite the fact that Martha Ankomah has not worked in many Nollywood movies (none that I know of yet), her curvy body, sharp tongue and talent has gotten her well known in Nollywood through the Ghanaian movies she has starred in.

Talking about talent and body, Yvonne Okoro has it all at her fingertips too…I do not think I will have to apologize to any one if I say Martha Ankomah and Yvonne Okoro have all it takes to hit the dreamland of many actors- Hollywood

When it comes to raw talents in Ghana movie industry, these two can be easily named.

It is undisputable that both actresses have been blessed with raw talent. However, as with all competitions and battles, there can only be one winner. Therefore, who is your ‘Queen of Sexiness and Raw Talent?’ Yvonne Okoro or Martha Ankomah? Source: ghanacelebrities


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