Chidi Mokeme Looks For Wife

September 7th, 2011

Chidi Mokeme has reported that Nollywood actor Chidi Mokeme will very soon go on national TV to look for a wife to marry instead of doing that behind the scenes.

Chidi came into the limelight about 15 years ago, gaining visibility through modeling in commercial advertisements on television.

The transition from model to actor came about while he hang around production studios, getting chummy with actors and directors, and occasionally featuring as an extra or add-on in small films.

These humble beginnings paid off, as he was able to network his way into bigger films, flexing his acting muscle and carving a niche for himself within the movie industry as the ‘bad guy.’

The latest gist about Chidi, according to, is that he was planning a TV show in search of a wife.

According to source, Chidi believed all the good girls were taken and the only way to reach out to anyone left was to stage a show.

The show is still on the table and will be announced as soon as he finds a sponsor.

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