Benita Nzeribe Attacked In Kaduna

August 5th, 2011

Benita Nnenna Adaeze Nzeribe

Nollywood actress Benita Nzeribe was a couple of weeks ago nearly beaten to death by residents of Kaduna after she reportedly incurred the wrath of residents while shooting a movie in the area.

It is reported that Benita, with her crew, was in the state to shoot a movie. In the process, they reportedly blocked most passable roads and caused a heavy vehicular traffic for other road users.

It wasn’t long before the angry road users began to attack her and the production crew. NEWS-ONE is yet to ascertain how they were able to survive.

From a humble beginning in 1996 on the set of ‘Beyond Our Dreams’, a TV soap opera, the Anambra State-born actress is now a top player in Nollywood movies.

She used to travel all the way from the East to Lagos for auditions while still in school.

The English graduate of Abia State University first made an appearance in ‘Notorious Virgin’, and later ‘Gold Diggers’ in 1999.

Since then, she formed part of the actress who made Nollywood, having been given the opportunity to play lead roles in a lot of movies. She has starred in close to 100 movies.

Benita was born in Aba and grew up in so many places in Nigeria. She had her primary and secondary schools in Aba and Umuahia.

She also attended a convent school with the hope of becoming a reverend sister. But she left when she felt she was not called towards that direction.

The fondest memory about her youthful days was when her dad bought her a car at the age of 14. In a family of six- two boys and two girls- she is the third child.

Their dad is an international businessman and mom, a retired chief nurse.

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