Bishop Obinim In Sex Scandal

August 3rd, 2011

Bishop Daniel Obinim

“Thou shalt not commit adultery” is one of the ten commandments of God written in Exodus 20:14; yet Bishop Daniel Obinim, leader of International God’s Way Church, has been accused of having uncountable rounds of hot sex with a married woman who is also a member of his church.

Bishop Obinim, husband of gospel singer Florence Obinim, is reported to have maintained a secret love affair with the wife of a junior pastor of his church, Pastor Williams Fobi, and bonked her for four years until she got fed up with his sex demands and reported the case to her husband.

Though Bishop Obinim has remained silent over the matter and has turned down several requests to get his side of the story, Pastor Fobi has confirmed the report and said that it was on Thursday May 26, 2011 that his wife blew Obinim’s cover.

According to Pastor Fobi, Bishop Obinim encouraged him to marry the woman and even went ahead to arrange and officiate the marriage ceremony.

The junior pastor said a few months ago, he got to know that Bishop Obinim and the lady were sex partners before the marriage and had since remained sex partners, though the bishop was legally married to Florence Obinim.

Pastor Fobi stated that though his wife became pregnant a few weeks after the marriage ceremony, he did not suspect any foul play because he had had sexual intercourse with the lady after the ceremony.

He alleged that not long after the pregnancy, Bishop Obinim said he had a vision that the junior pastor had low sperm count and if he continued to sleep with the new wife, she would have a miscarriage. Fobi said Obinim advised him that it would be better if the wife moved to her mother’s residence at Tema in Accra.

Pastor Fobi said his wife confessed to him that whilst staying at Tema, Bishop Obinim took her to Kumasi almost every weekend, where they lodged at a well-known hotel at Bonwire in the Ejisu-Juaben municipality of the Ashanti region and enjoyed rounds of hot sex.

The adulterous relationship between the bishop and church member continued until the lady started having problems with the man of God. She eventually narrated the shocking revelation to her husband.

Pastor Fobi said he has resigned from the church because of the matter and has reported the case to a number of leading pastors.

Obinim is noted for repeating endless chants of ‘halleluiah”, “halleluiah”, “halleluiah”, “halleluiah”, “halleluiah”, “halleluiah”, during his television preaching series. He drives very expensive cars and has a couple of houses in Kumasi and Accra. The man of God has over the years been the lead character of several scandals.



Obinim Divorce Scandal

News broke in July of 2009 that Florence Obinim, one of Ghana’s finest female gospel artistes, had packed bag and baggage and headed for London with her two kids without the knowledge of her husband, Bishop Daniel Obinim.
The ace gospel singer, who was pregnant, according to sources, left for London after a heated quarrel with her husband. The two were said to have engaged in fiery fisticuffs at their matrimonial home.

He has however settled his differences with Florence and they are living happily as man and wife


Obinim In Human Parts Scandal

In November of 2009, the Suame Divisional Police Crime Officer, DSP Kwaku Duah, confirmed to Peace News that he had ordered Bishop Obinim to produce two individuals to assist in investigations into a case of conspiracy.
Bishop Daniel Obinim was alleged to be the brain behind a plot to bury dead snakes, bones suspected to be human parts, and red candles at the church premises of a rival pastor, Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom, at Ahenema Kokoben, a suburb of Kumasi.
Bishop Daniel Obinim was at the police station to give a statement, after which he was granted bail by the police.


Obinim HIV Scandal

In January 2010, Obinim again became a subject of news when a 30-year-old trader, Florence Nyame, threatened to take legal action against him for publicly claiming that she was infected with the deadly HIV\AIDS virus.

According to Florence Nyame, medical reports made available to her by doctors indicated that she was not infected with the killer virus.

But Bishop Obinim allegedly told his entire congregation at Ashalebotwe in Accra that the woman’s failing health was due to the fact that she had contracted HIV/AIDS.
A tearful Florence said this made her a laughing stock in her neighbourhood ever since the day of the announcement before a large congregation.

Speaking on behalf of the bishop, a junior priest of the church, Pastor Emma, however called the bluff of Florence and asked her to go ahead with her legal writ.

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