Bekwai Girls In Porn Video

July 27th, 2011

Alfred Acheson

Watching a pornographic movie can be quite stimulating but to watch a video recording of persons you know and to see them having hot sex with their naked genitals dangling and drenched in sweat is a whole lot more interesting.

Several female residents of Bekwai, a town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, have become the talk of town after their sex video recordings got into the public domain. The girls have become objects of ridicule.

Residents of the town, both old and young, are reported to be in a state of shock after watching the video recordings which captured their neighbors having sex in very interesting positions that could earn them a Kamasutra award at the Oscars.

The video was simply uncensored and it captured the faces of the females as well as their voices.

All the sex bouts were done without condoms and did not capture the man releasing sperms. Perhaps, he might have released straight into them.

The contents cannot be aptly described in cold print no matter how hard a writer tries.

The Video
Reports say they were recorded by a 35-year-old man, Alfred Acheson, believed to be a pornography dealer. After the videos leaked, Alfred went into hiding and is currently on the police wanted list.

Though police reports say Alfred secretly recorded the videos, a couple of movie producers and directors in their expert opinion have told NEWS-ONE that the way the girls were looking straight into the camera, with some of them even asking that it should be positioned well, suggests that the recordings were done with their knowledge or consent.

Alfred is reported to be an attaché at the Forestry Commission office at Bekwai.

He made a theft case against a certain John Donkor of the local Pentecost church, indicating that the latter had stolen his pen drive.

It emerged later that Acheson used Donkor’s laptop computer and downloaded his videos on it.

It was also gathered that the complainant had rather used the elder’s laptop computer before and it was in the process that he downloaded the pornography materials on the computer without the owner’s knowledge

The Girls
They were of all shapes, sizes and skin color. While some of them had their hair cut low, others had funny hairstyles. Most of them were light-skinned and their ages range from about 20 to 35.

The younger ones seemed to be good with the various sex positions including giving Alfred a blow job, widely known as oral sex, while the older ones merely laid back like logs and watched him do all the bonking and pumping.

One of them even had a sore on her leg and had covered it with a plaster.  While some spoke in the local Twi dialect, others spoke in English.

The Positions
Alfred appeared to have a fetish of sitting upright and letting his sex mates sit on him, with their backs turned to his face.

The position allowed the cameras to capture the full face and nakedness of the girls.

A few other times, he did the missionary and the wheel barrow. In some instances, Alfred would ask his female partner to lie backwards, after which he would hold her legs together and raise them upwards before thrusting without mercy.

He is a dark-skinned man with an extraordinary pot belly. He cut his hair low and kept a goatee.

He spoke very good English and in some instances was captured physically forcing his victims to have sex with them. His dick, when fully erect, appeared long and slightly curved.

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